Medical Center for Birds Files - 'Client Handouts'http://mcfbmakeover.evetsites.netThe Medical Center for Birds is an avian-exclusive animal hospital with board-certified avian veterinarians and a staff that is committed to quality avian medical care. We are located in Oakley, California.Handouts Diet Adjustment 2010.pdf Diet Adjustment 2010.pdfHandouts Feather Care 2010.pdf Feather Care 2010.pdfHandouts Identification 2010.pdf Identification 2010.pdfHandouts Identification 2010.pdf Identification 2010.pdfHandouts-Behavior Intro - 2010.pdf Intro - 2010.pdfHandouts-Feather Damaging Behavior 2010.pdf Damaging Behavior 2010.pdfHandouts-Foraging 2010.pdf 2010.pdfHandouts-Pair Bonding 2010.pdf Bonding 2010.pdfHandouts-Socialization and Basic Training 2010.pdf and Basic Training 2010.pdf