Medical Center for Birds Files - 'Video Clips'http://tmcfbMO.evetsites.netThe Medical Center for Birds is an avian-exclusive animal hospital with board-certified avian veterinarians and a staff that is committed to quality avian medical care. We are located in Oakley, California.Fluoroscopy-Lateral Normal file demonstrates the normal movement of barium from the crop to the proventriculus and ventriculus (glandular stomach and gizzard). You can also see the ventriculus contracting in sequence (gives the barium a sort of "washing machine" rotational appearance). The bird's head is to the left and the tail is to the right. This bird is a blue-front Amazon.file/65709/Fluoroscopy-Lateral NormalFluoroscopy-Lateral-Depressed Ventricular Function this contrast study, barium passes from the crop into the proventriculus and ventriculus, but ventricular function is depressed. Also there is a large amount of gas present in the proventriculus.file/65710/Fluoroscopy-Lateral-Depressed Ventricular Function