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Busy Beaks Academy

Busy Beaks Academy is the behavior and training branch of the Medical Center for Birds, working very closely with the patients and staff to provide low-stress veterinary care and positive reinforcement based training. 

Busy Beaks Academy has been offering group classes, private sessions, webinars, and training consults for MCFB patients for 4 years.

Group Classes

Group classes range from topics like foraging and enrichment, medication and towel training, target training, and much more! This is a great way to get your bird out of the house in a safe environment, meet new people, and have fun learning with your bird! Please call or email ahead of time to see the class requirements. 


Private Sessions

Private sessions are the perfect way to get one-on-one training with the trainer. Take the time you need to have your questions answered and build a personalized training plan. Private session can be held here in Oakley at the Busy Beaks Training Room, at your home, or online via Zoom. 



Webinars are one of the newer projects for Busy Beaks Academy and the Medical Center for Birds. Beginning this year, we have started offering webinars teaching about topics like foraging, enrichment, and medication training. We are also in the process of translating these webinars and our handouts so they are available to our non-English speaking clients and all around the world! 


"Cookie Camp" Enrichment Training

Enrichment Training focuses on improving our patients' experience during vet visits and teaching low-stress medicating techniques through positive reinforcement, counter conditioning, and desensitization. These 30 minute training sessions are held at MCFB and focus on training topics like oral medication training, addressing fear of the towel, cooperative nail trims, crate training, and more! 


Discover the benefits of training, enrichment, and strengthen the bond between you and your feathered pal! Our passion, along with the Medical Center for Birds, is the enrichment and well-being of your bird!  

To view the Medical Center for Birds client handouts, click here. They review topics like diet conversion, foraging, feather care, and more!  

Check out our website for a schedule of upcoming classes, view our blog, and join our mailing list at!

You can also reach us by calling or texting 925-914-0413, we look forward to hearing from you!