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About Us

Medical Center For Birds Oakley California - Abby and Georgietoes

Our team's focus is on the delivery of excellent quality veterinary medicine and surgery exclusively for the special needs of birds. The Medical Center for Birds staff has been serving the bird community for over 30 years and has been a leader in raising the standards of medicine and surgery. 

With the opening of our new facility over 10 years ago, we are now even more equipped to care for our patients. A quieter, bird-only atmosphere and the addition of new diagnostic and surgical equipment, suited just for birds, allows us to more comfortably house and treat your bird.

Come by for a visit anytime or call us to set up an appointment 925-625-1878.


Our founder, Dr. Brian Speer a recognized specialist in avian practice (ABVP) and European specialist in Avian Medicine and Surgery (ECZM) and is internationally recognized as an authoritative figure in bird medicine and surgery. Brian is co-author of The Large Macaws (1995) and Birds for Dummies (1999), and is editor of Current Veterinary Therapy in Avian Medicine and Surgery, a 900 page veterinary text published by Elsevier in November 2016. Brian is recipient of the Lafeber Avian Practitioner Award (2003), Speaker of the Year award at the North American Veterinary Conference (2006), and Continuing Educator of the Year at the Western Veterinary Conference (2015). Brian is past president of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (1999-2000).