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We are pleased to make these useful videos available to our clients. These videos were developed by the doctors at Medical Center for Birds. Please keep in mind that these are not substitutes for establishing and maintaining a relationship with a qualified avian veterinarian. We recommend that your bird visit an avian veterinarian at least once annually for an examination and discussion of behavior, diet, and general care. The information in these videos should always be discussed with your avian veterinarian prior to implementation.


File NameDescription / Comment
Fluoroscopy-Lateral NormalThis file demonstrates the normal movement of barium from the crop to the proventriculus and ventriculus (glandular stomach and gizzard). You can also see the ventriculus contracting in sequence (gives the barium a sort of "washing machine" rotational appearance). The bird's head is to the left and the tail is to the right. This bird is a blue-front Amazon.
Fluoroscopy-Lateral-Depressed Ventricular FunctionIn this contrast study, barium passes from the crop into the proventriculus and ventriculus, but ventricular function is depressed. Also there is a large amount of gas present in the proventriculus.