Medical Center for Birds

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Laboratory Services



We are fortunate to have the in-house ability to perform hematology, with two of our registered technicians very familiar with these procedures. This offers us the ability, when needed, to obtain immediate results to help make quick decisions for patient care. Because birds have nucleated red blood cells (that is, each red blood cell has a nucleus whereas mammal red blood cells do not), automatic complete blood count (CBC) analyzers cannot assess avian hematology. Sometimes inconsistency can be a problem with large regional reference laboratories because different technicians can interpret blood cell types differently, as well as potential variations in methods used. Having consistent analysis by a very limited number of well-trained hematologists allows our doctors to rely upon results with confidence.

Abaxis Vetscan

The Vetscan is a portable benchtop chemistry machine which works with very small volumes of blood and produces results in less than 13 minutes. We use this machine to generate the bulk of our serum biochemistry data, providing information quickly when needed, and in a consistently reliable manner.