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Resource Library


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  • Check out Busy Beaks Academy to enhance the bond you share with your parrot through communication, positive reinforcement, and fun!

  • The Client Handouts section contains helpful instructions for various aspects of bird care.

  • Manuscripts and Lectures contains some of the papers, articles, and PowerPoint presentations that the doctors and staff have delivered.

  • Our Photo Gallery contains pictures of our facility, staff, and events. Who knows, maybe you're in there too!

  • The Video Clips section contains video of interesting cases or events.

  • The VIN Pet Medical Library link will take you to the Veterinary Information Network in case you would like to look up information about pets other than birds.

  • Look at the Forms section to change your address with us or request a prescription refill.

  • The Links section contains off-site web links to bird care organizations and other resources.

  • The Testimonials page allows you to make your own testimonial submission.

  • Finally, you can help us Spread the Word and submit contact information for clubs, bird owners, or other clinics who might be interested in receiving materials from us about our services. Thanks for the help!